Lean In To It

by Allison Crutchfield

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maddie this album is all my anxieties in beautiful sad songs Favorite track: You.
hailhumanists thumbnail
hailhumanists Sonically/thematically sublime. Soulfulness is right off apparent w/ 'SUPERMOON'. In smooth 'N.O.T,' echoes of Sade's 'Slave Song', a delightful irony follows, one that amplifies a too image-obsessed and self-conscious world w/o authentic relationships where "everyone could do w/o me." 'You' manages to capture the frustration of a social appendage, when the demure savant is overlooked. But textured 'Berlin' offers Crutchfield the optimal platform. Phenomenal percussion throughout. Favorite track: Berlin.
Joshua James Amberson
Joshua James Amberson thumbnail
Joshua James Amberson Heartbreak electro-pop at its very best. Favorite track: Rose Knows.
Corey Tate
Corey Tate thumbnail
Corey Tate This is so fucking fresh.
Can't wait to hear more from you, Allison. Favorite track: No One Talks.
Emmanuel Papon
Emmanuel Papon thumbnail
Emmanuel Papon Love this Ep Favorite track: No One Talks.
Charles Henahan
Charles Henahan thumbnail
Charles Henahan terribly too good
long live the Crutchfields!
and I hope "Rose Knows" replaces Ingrid Michaelson's "You & I"/Princess Chelsea's "Cigarette Duet" as every indie kid's favorite "guy/girl" duet Favorite track: CC.
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these songs were written from winter to summer of 2013/14 in mostly in New York City and recorded at my parents house in Birmingham and my bedroom in Philadelphia. Thank you to Sam for being my friend muse and to Kyle for mixing and mastering.


released August 7, 2014

all songs by Allison Crutchfield except Lupe which was co-written by Sam Cook-Parrott. All instruments by Allison Crutchfield except bass which was also Sam Cook-Parrott. Also anytime you hear a male voice it belongs to Sam Cook-Parrott <3



all rights reserved


Allison Crutchfield Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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I check the weather in Los Angeles and I think about you in that heat/ I imagine you're working through it/ I imagine you moving back east/ in a regal vision I own your attention/ we are friends but not lovers/ we care for each other/ he and I are just common/ I calculate the time at home right now and I think about you on the train/ I imagine you are so tired/ I imagine you are so tired of me/ he and I are just common
Track Name: No One Talks
it stays so cold for so long now/ no one talks to me at all now/ they live in the basement, talk to each other/ I walk downstairs and I walk right back up them/ we are united in showing up/ everyone looks so good to me/ cuz everyone could do without me/ Li, you have always been loyal although/ I stopped looking at your eyes long ago/ I walk through you like you're dirty snow/ and I know it's bad/ I know you're good/ we are alone/ we are just trees growing crooked in the woods/ we are consumed by the matte grey sky/ i remain bitter and inside/ Li you drink red wine, you wear a tie/ and the warm lamp creates the impression of daylight/ well everyone knows/ everyone stares/ everyone sees it/ lose the urge, lose the interest
Track Name: Rose Knows
you never get in touch when you say you will/ you are daunting Rose but I will stand there still/ while you run up a hill/ I have been stuck before, I won't do it again/ and I apologize but you are wrapped up in grim self-interest/ that's where you're wrong/ I am alone/ I have played along/ I don't know what to say/ and it's all be for you/ what did I do to make you like this/ make me like what? I just want love/ this is exhausting/ I want what everyone wants/ I want nothing/ I want you/ well i have nothing left to give/ when we're old we won't remember/ what our story was or what we felt for each other/ leave it alone/ my memory will submerge me/ in a reel spinning times I was muddled by you/ i am rid of you too
Track Name: CC
I know I'm not the one who's on your mind
Track Name: Lupe
I don't wanna be in plain sight/ I'll retire to the absence of white light/ and in the curtains of your eyes/ I'll uncover what was once mine/ TAKE IT UP TAKE IT OUT TAKE IT IN/ prepare to lose it/ I just wanna fall asleep but I don't have the time/ you wanna be alone with me but my time is not mine/ I don't wanna be a victim/ or a muse in your flimsy depiction/ of acquiring conviction/ i never needed any recognition/ TAKE IT UP TAKE IT OUT TAKE IT IN/ prepare to lose it/I just wanna fall asleep but I don't have the time/ you wanna be alone with me but my time is not mine
Track Name: You
is this a way out?/ I think that is what you're asking but/ I don't know how to answer/ you either see it or you don't/ when I was 19 you were 35 and I was learning about you/ my generation is not stoic or serene/ "I'm gonna make a lot of money and I'm gonna quit this crazy scene"/ you are filled with resistant memories/ a conscious revolution of the envied/ I came alive in your essence/ in the model you built/ but it's all changed, now we fall in love with our former selves/ over and over again I have always been able to give you/ the benefit of the doubt but it's forever all about/ all about you/ well I can not be a part of your delusional pursuits/ i can not support you if you just want to be used/ i can not help it if your plans are falling through/ and i can not love you like I used to/ you always did have a knack for this/ we are products of our raising, I am sad and you are unfit/ we just sit in these old houses while the walls fall down around us/ the ceilings crack and crumble/ the basements fill with water/ and I am stuck among all these people I don't know who only talk to me about you
Track Name: Berlin
We are not what we once were/ we get high drinking wine from the bottle and go for a walk/ you can't look past the graffiti or the litter on the ground/ like how I can't looked past all this rain/ In Berlin, I think about you/ it's your birthday and I wonder what she's taking you to do/ you only like me because I am never around/ and I always miss you cuz I'm always out of town/ We share sadness like a cigarette/ breathe in, pass it back and forth, ignore the negative effects/ you will untie by shoes and pull me into bed/ and I will devastate the order when I lean into it